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FIT & NU® was founded by sisters Joslyn and Brittney Rae Reese in March of 2015, just two years after embarking on a life-changing backpacking trip through Central America. While traveling, the sisters embarked on individual pursuits to create healthy habits. 

Joslyn discovered how to use food to heal her body. She began her journey with juicing. Now, as a Certified Holistic Health & NUtrition Coach, she guides our clients on foundational ways to heal their relationship with food.

FITness Coach Brittney Rae used her love for dance as the gateway to transforming her body. Now, as a Certified Personal Trainer and Women’s Fitness Specialist, she challenges clients’ limiting beliefs through body and behavior change routines.



Brittney Rae Reese

Brittney Rae Reese is a Certified Personal Trainer, student of Psychological Kinesiology, and Co-Founder of FIT & NU®. She is devoted to helping her clients achieve optimal wellness through functional fitness training. 

Her goals are to inspire women to enhance their physical and mental strengths through an active lifestyle and a better understanding of fitness for the ever-changing female body. Brittney Rae believes exercise and the camaraderie of group fitness contribute to all of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (i.e., physiological, safety, love, belonging needs, esteem, and self-actualization).



Joslyn Reese

Joslyn Reese is a Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach who studies how the food we eat affects the body. Joslyn’s mission is to unveil the influences of our love affair with food by exploring imbalances with career, relationships, spirituality and physical activity. Joslyn’s collaborative approach to coaching supports the belief that we are fed not solely by the food on our plate but also by the energy in our lives. 

Joslyn is also the Founder of Pure Heart Juice. A cold-pressed juice subscription company that inspires health and wellness by providing fresh, organic fruit and vegetable juice to local communities. Pure Heart Juice educates consumers on the benefits of consuming fruit and vegetable juice while working towards the vision of contributing to self-sustaining health for all.



Mari Smith

Mari Smith is from Los Angeles, CA, and moved to Denver, CO, in 2006.

She is a former FIT & NU client (2018), and she began her wellness & fitness journey during that time. Mari has always been into staying active but has struggled with staying consistent. FIT & NU helped her find consistency and much more.


Mari is a mother of 2 daughters, a wife, and a school counselor. She has more than 20 years of mental health background working with all populations in various settings, supporting individuals in crisis, and change, exploring new opportunities, and setting new goals. Her passion is to help/support other women through their wellness & fitness journey. "Together, we can strengthen our bodies, mind, and spirits."

"I'm interested in women's health because I'm a woman. I'd be a darn fool not to be on my own side."
Maya Angelou
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