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Your anytime, anywhere fitness fix! With a wide variety of workouts, including heart-pumping HIIT, energizing dance cardio, strength training, core exercises, guided meditation, and restorative stretching, our extensive on-demand fitness resources cater to beginners and fitness enthusiasts alike. Join now and reimagine home workouts!

FIT Club On-Demand

Band Camp
Band Camp

Camp is in session! Band Camp is a 40-minute strength training class dedicated to toning and building muscles using a resistance band. Resistance training helps increase muscle strength and endurance, joint stability, and metabolic training; it is also a safe weight-training option, especially for beginners. 

Band Camp

Band Camp | November 16, 2023

Band Camp | October 26, 2023

Band Camp | October 5, 2023

HIT Body Fit

Fulfill the "FIT Formula" in one 40-minute class. HIIT Body FIT combines high-intensity interval training (HIIT), strength training, core exercises, stretches, and a 5-minute guided meditation to cool you down and take you out of "fight or flight mode."