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The Body Boss Up

What is The Body Boss Up Challenge?

Now is the time to take control and ownership of your health and well-being. This 28-day challenge is about making bossy decisions that support your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Body Boss Up offers a pocket-full of perspectives on how to live a life of freedom and ease by radically challenging yourself to heal thy old habits and create healthier ones. 


The goal is to transform your mind and change your habits in the most sustainable way so it becomes a lifestyle change that will carry you far beyond the 28 days.


Body Boss Up


  • listening to your body and honoring
    its needs.

  • taking charge of your own healing and learning to trust your intuition.

  • being kind and compassionate with yourself, and having the courage to make changes that will make you healthier and happier.

Join our 28-day habit formation challenge to receive daily FITness focus and NUtrition habits linked to mindful practices and rewards. 

Start creating healthy habits TODAY!



  • A 28-day wellness plan including a smart meal plan

  • Access to our habit & activity tracking app

  • Daily workouts + weekly walking challenge

  • Daily motivational messages & guided meditations

  • Access to the private Body Boss Up Facebook group

  • Weekly Boss Balance Checks

What you'll get

What you'll learn

  • How to make movement, good nutrition, mindfulness, and sleep part of your daily routine
  • The power of gratitude journaling

  • A simple awareness technique that creates transformation

  • The benefit of various daily practices

  • How to listen to your body

  • How to create healthy habits that last

Challenge begins March 1st, 2023
That's only $10/day!

Habits Worth Healing

✓ Eating too much sugar and fat
✓ Physical inactivity
✓ Insufficient sleep
✓ Poor stress management
✓ Excessive alcohol consumption
✓ Smoking
✓ Lack of mindfulness

ONLY $280
The next challenge begins on March 1st, 2023

Brittany Robinson

"FIT & NU tailors their fitness and nutrition regime to African American women and I love that about this company. They are also friendly, welcoming and non-judgmental and that put me at ease. I will definitely be back!" 

Sakari Graves

"I have enjoyed my workouts and nutritional coach. It is by far the best overall experience I have had." 

Tracy Graves

"Joslyn and Brittney are the real deal! The whole package - nutrition and physical movement/exercise. They are very knowledgeable and genuinely care about my/our health and well-being."
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