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Five Steps of Conscious Caregiving

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

As we near the end of National Family Caregivers Month this Thanksgiving Eve, we want to take a moment to celebrate the remarkable individuals who devote their lives to caring for their loved ones. In honor of this month and the often-overlooked heroes who make a difference every day, we would like to share with you an insightful TED Talk called "Conscious Caregiving" by gerontologist and founder of The Caregiver's Guardian, Nadine Roberts-Cornish.

The "Conscious Caregiving"

In her TED Talk, Nadine unveils the profound "Five Steps of Conscious Caregiving." These steps serve as a compass for anyone embarking on a caregiving journey:

  1. Helplessness: The initial feeling of being lost and overwhelmed when caregiving responsibilities emerge.

  2. Recognition: Acknowledging that caregiving requires a learning curve and coming to terms with not having all the answers.

  3. Process: Slowly piecing together the caregiving puzzle, accepting help, and embracing the significance of community support.

  4. Acceptance: Understanding that while the situation may be challenging, accepting it and focusing on what can be done is essential.

  5. Surrender: Recognizing when it's time to let go and coming to terms with the reality of the situation.

A Caregiver's Journey

Nadine's presentation delves into the practical aspects of caregiving, but it is also her personal story. She shares her journey as a caregiver, recounting moments of struggle as well as moments of joy. One deeply touching story is that of her mother's illness and how Nadine decided to honor her mother's 71st birthday, creating a profound and heartwarming experience for their family.

Discover the Full TED Talk

To truly grasp the depth of Nadine's insights and the importance of conscious caregiving, we urge you to watch her TED Talk titled "Conscious Caregiving." This presentation serves as a tribute to the strength and resilience of caregivers and reminds us of their invaluable role in our lives.

This video serves as a visual companion to this blog post. We recommend exploring the video and the blog post for a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

Instead of this week's live Habit Therapy, we invite you to explore this enlightening TedTalk and reflect on the importance of conscious caregiving as we enter the season of gratitude.

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