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FIT & NU leads Summer Wellness Series for The Potter's House of Denver

By Stella Min | Publicist June 2020, 9:30AM MT

FIT & NU is delighted to announce our newest wellness partnership with The Potter’s House of Denver (TPHD), one of the most ethnically diverse Christian houses of worship in the United States. TPHD has selected FIT & NU to lead their 2020 Summer Wellness Series, titled Emphasize Life. Supporting TPHD’s mission to serve their ethnically diverse community, Emphasize Life is a culturally responsive wellness program that provides nutrition education, motivational exercises, and relaxation techniques to relieve stress. The program takes a holistic approach to health while empowering each individual to eat right and live well, ultimately forming the foundation for building lifelong healthy habits. ““ ““ To learn more about Emphasize Life, visit the Emphasize Life page on the FIT & NU website at You can also attend one of our virtual fitness or nutrition classes on or @flowdnvr.

About The Potter’s House of Denver

At The Potter's House Church of Denver, we're pleased to welcome you. Whether you are attending a service for the first time, an event or special, we are delighted to have you as our guest. The Potter's House Church of Denver is one of the most ethnically diverse gathering of Christians found anywhere in America. The scriptures say in Act 17:26 that God made from one man every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth. At The Potter's House, we delight in serving our living God! We reach out across racial, cultural and class lines with the love of Jesus Christ. Our multi-cultural family welcomes you to join us, where you will find that our big church becomes small as soon as you get involved! We hope that you have a life changing experience while you are with us

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