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FIT & NU® sets the stage for Governor Polis' statewide tour, signing groundbreaking health bill HB23

Join FIT & NU® in Welcoming Colorado Governor Jared Polis on May 10th!

Colorado Governor Jared Polis has elected FIT & NU to kick off his statewide bill signing tour this week, where the Governor travels all across the state to celebrate the legislature's hard work this session.

With FIT & NU as the first stop, Governor Polis will sign bill HB23-1224, Standardized Health Benefit Plan. The bill signing ceremony will begin this Wednesday, May 10th, at 12:45 pm MST. The ceremony itself will be about 15 minutes long. If you would like to join us for this groundbreaking event, FIT & NU is located at 3033 S. Parker Rd. Suite 160 in Aurora Marketplace business park, in Tower 1.

More about bill HB23-1224

Bill HB23-1224 builds off the successes of the Colorado Option, passed in 2021, which creates more affordable insurance options for small businesses. HB23-1224 ensures that we hold carriers accountable for the target rate reductions included in the 2021 legislation. It also makes a more efficient public rate hearing process and helps Coloradans find and compare plans on the exchange more easily.

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