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Policy Update: Class Attendance & Cancellation Policy

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Dear Valued Member,

We want to ensure that your experience at FIT & NU® is enjoyable and accommodating. To maintain a smooth class attendance process and provide equal opportunities for all our members, we have established the following Class Attendance and Cancellation Policy:

Class Booking and Cancellation:

  • Class bookings must be made a minimum of 8 hours before the scheduled class start time. This advanced planning allows us to prepare better and manage class resources.

  • If you need to cancel your booking, please do so at least 30 minutes before the scheduled class. This ensures that your coach can tailor classes based on booking numbers, optimizing the workout.

  • Book your classes conveniently through our app, available for download here. By downloading our app, you gain easy access to seamless class booking and cancellation features, making your FIT & NU journey smoother than ever before.

No-Show Policy:

  • A "no-show" occurs when a member neither attends a booked class nor cancels within the specified cancellation timeframe.

  • Excessive no-shows can disrupt the class experience for both instructors and fellow members.

Consequences for Excessive No-Shows:

  • [First Offense]: You will receive a reminder email regarding our attendance policy.

  • [Second Offense]: A temporary suspension of your class booking privileges for 7 days.

  • [Third Offense]: Continued violations may lead to further action, including additional suspensions or a membership review.

Appeals and Exceptions:

  • We understand that exceptional circumstances may arise. If you have a valid reason for missing a class, please contact our customer support at as soon as possible.

Waitlist Policy:

  • Members can join a waitlist if a class is fully booked. If a spot becomes available, you will be automatically enrolled and notified.

Positive Reinforcement:

  • Members who consistently attend classes will be rewarded with special incentives, discounts, or access to exclusive content as a token of our appreciation.

Feedback and Communication:

  • We value your feedback and aim to provide the best possible experience. If you encounter challenges adhering to the policy due to scheduling or other reasons, please let us know. We are open to adjusting our policies to serve our members better.

By adhering to this Class Attendance and Cancellation Policy, you contribute to the overall success of our wellness community and help us provide a high-quality experience for everyone.

Thank you for being a valued member of FIT & NU®!

All guidelines are effective immediately.

Together we will Heal•thy•Habits & Revolutionize Wellness for Women of Color.


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